Winging it

Emily Jones is a new mum: she’s bought the swank buggy, planned her labour soundtrack, read the books.

“That moment when you realise . . . you have absolutely no clue.”

Then her little girl actually arrives and Emily realises: she has all the gear, no idea – and only 12 months of maternity leave to figure it out. Lonely but not alone, it’s the women Emily makes friends with in this first year who really see her through to the other side. Perfect for fans of The Unmumsy Mum, Louise Pentland and Gill Sims.

Winging it… is her first novel. Having survived her teenage years of pubs, raves, heartbreak and female friendships, Emily Jones thought she knew who she was and where she was going. Now in her thirties, when she brings her newborn baby home she has to grow up all over again.

Nailing It

Publication date 1 April 2021

Faking it.

Breaking it.

Hating it.

Loving it…

This is motherhood.

Emily is raising two tiny feminists, building her freelance career and navigating life as a newly single mum – and feels like she’s failing horribly.

Tania just wants her other half to do his fair share – as long as it’s done her way. But being right isn’t nearly as much as fun as being in it together…

Helen has almost got family life sorted: a routine that suits them all, most days. Until her own mum turns up and turns calm into chaos.

Sometimes being a mum is the hardest job in the world. So can these three friends fake it till they make it?

Praise and reviews

‘Every mum will relate to this book.’

Paige Toon

‘Hilarious and all-too relatable.’

Fabulous Magazine

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Anna’s successful blog has been shortlisted for national awards including Best Writer and Blog of the Year by the MAD Awards, and Brit Mums’ Best Writer.  She began writing it in 2011 following the birth of her first child. It has formed the inspiration of her first novel of the same name.

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