My Second Life

Imagine a world where you could get everything you possibly wanted. You could be slim, beautiful, successful, rich with an amazing house and gorgeous partner.

You could spend your days wandering along sandy shores and eating in the finest restaurants. Now imagine that you turn off the computer to a grey life, suburban semi and ever-decreasing bank balance. A comedy about how far people will go to escape real life through a virtual world on the internet.

Directed by Anna Jefferson and Co-written with Alice Trueman.

Press Reviews

‘Written by Anna Jefferson and Alice Trueman, this sharp script had some great lines. The strength of the writers is in their ability to observe and replicate the humour of everyday conversations.’

The Argus, Brighton ★★★★★ - Winner of An Argus Angel Award for Artistic Excellence)

‘A warm, hilarious and touching tale, ‘My Second Life’ proved to be a big hit: there was not an empty seat in sight…one thing is for sure, ‘My Second Life’ is certain to please all audiences.’

Three Weeks ★★★★

…some fantastically funny moments…This was an engaging play, well performed, light hearted and full of comedy.

Latest 7, Brighton ★★★★